Stronger Than Passion

| August 15, 2015


Stronger Than Passion

Stronger Than Passion is a 145,000 word historical romance set during the stirring events of the Mexican-American War. Travelling from the intrique of Washington D.C. to the pageantry of aristocratic Mexico City, to the pulsing Texas borderlands, this novel portrays all the drama of a time of turbulence, when cultures clash and the resulting explosion can only end in violence — or love.

Christina de Seinz is a beautiful young widow of European descent, patrona of a vast estate in a country not her own yet embraced as an adoptive homeland. Michael Brett is a wayward British lord with a troubled past and a mind set on vengeance. Their encounter in Mexico begins a dangerous game of intrique involving suspicions and desperate maneuverings, with the possible fate of a nation in the balance. It is only after bloodshed and loss that distrust evolves into reliance … and hatred into desire as expansive as the heartbeat of the two countries.


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