26 Savory Quick Breads (In the Pantry Quick Breads)

| May 1, 2013


26 Savory Quick Breads (In the Pantry Quick Breads)

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26 Savory Quick Bread recipes
Loaves, Muffins, Flat Breads
Picture Included for Each Recipe

Savory Quick Breads is a collection of loaves, muffins and flat breads you can make using the quick and simple quick bread method.

If you enjoy Artisan breads, focaccia, and flat breads, then I guarantee you’re going to love this collection of recipes to make savory breads the quick and easy way. The quick bread method isn’t limited to banana bread and muffins; you can replace the boring sandwich and the time it takes to make them when you bake a savory loaf, muffin or flat bread. I’ll even show you how to stay on your food budget and eliminate expensive prepared foods when you can quickly bake them yourself.


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