Evil Silent Games: Injustice for the Innocent

| August 16, 2015


Horror: Evil Silent Games: Injustice for the Innocent (Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Suspense Crime Thriller, Murder Mystery, Detective Mysteries, ... (Psychological Horror Mystery Thriller)

Evil Silent Games

Horror and Detective Psychological Thriller with a killer twist

The only case Detroit Homicide Detective Craig Wisdom had not solved was his first: the murder of the young, beautiful Julianna Heatherington. Three years later, Julianna’s killer has returned and left Wisdom with another mutilated corpse, a clear plastic Halloween mask in place of the victim’s face.

How well do you know the person sitting next to you? Could you trust them with your life? As Wisdom works to find the murderer who stars in his nightmares and commands his days, he will learn just how real nightmares can become.

“They’re so good, it’s scary . .”

A real page turner . .

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