New Word Monday Is Now — Words To Know!

| November 29, 2007

Some of you may be familiar with my New Word Monday Page. In order to have a more flexible blog schedule, my New Word Monday is now Words To Know. It will still be full of notable words that aren’t commonly used, and I will still have the comment contests. I will just have more freedom as to when I add words to the list.

The frescuedbabyirst word will be hirsute. As in; This bear is very hirsute.

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4 Comments on "New Word Monday Is Now — Words To Know!"

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  1. Daria says:

    I’m so glad you have not dropped the New Word Monday!!!!

    I was looking out for it for the past couple of weeks, but I figured that since it’s such a busy month, you may have put it on Hiatus.

    Glad I was Wrong!!! =)

    I hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day!

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks Daria. I have been slacking a little lately. 🙂

  3. the frogster says:

    I love this word. I use it all the time. “One time my wife spilled ketchup on the clothes she wears to work, so I had to get hirsute professionally dry cleaned.”

  4. Emma says:

    Ha ha, Frogster you are hilarious I always get a kick out of your blog and your comments. Thanks for making me smile. 🙂