The Dusty Queen

| August 17, 2015


Western: The Dusty Queen (Westerns, Western Books, Western Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Novels, Wild West)

In a time when “everybody itched for gold… and there was a great amount of stabbing, shooting, and stealing that went along with scratching that itch,” Sheldon Byte finds himself mixed up in the dirty business of mining and boom towns. Luckily for him, his skills of hard riding and fast shooting will see him make the business a little cleaner, or dirtier, you decide.

This one has it all, guns, gambling, and girls. Catch up with Sheldon Byte, still riding hard since he came out on the wrong side of the Civil War, and see where his nose for trouble will take him this time. But even if Byte manages to make off with the treasure, will he ever be able to out ride his memories?


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