A Flip in Time (Threads of an Ancient World Book 1)

| August 18, 2015


Time Travel: A Flip in Time (Threads of an Ancient World Book 1)

Before Jack the Ripper, a sly killer roamed the streets of ancient Rome, leaving little more than expensive silk used to blindfold victims.

But that’s all history, according to high school teacher Ellen Tuner. And as much as the unsolved mystery fascinates her, it’s not exactly what a guy would like to discuss over cocktails.

On a trip to modern day Rome, Ellen takes a chance and visits a historical site with a wishing fountain. She tosses in a coin and makes a wish for two things–that she discovers what Rome was really like, and, that she finds true love.

She didn’t expect her wish to thrust her back in time, to the very place of the mysterious ancient murders, and she certainly didn’t expect to meet the handsome soldier Cassius, who opens his home to her.

They both want to find the murderer for their own reasons, and they decide to stick together until the task is done. However, there are forces at work attempting to tear them apart, and if Ellen isn’t careful, she may find herself the next victim.


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