The Last (Zombie Ocean Book 1)

| August 18, 2015


The Last: A Zombie Apocalypse Thriller (Zombie Ocean Book 1)

The zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before.

When the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive.

Except Amo. He’s a comic book artist. He’s a video game world-builder. He’s mayor of his local coffee shop in New York.

He will survive.

‘Robinson Crusoe’ meets the zombie apocalypse, packed with gore, twists and existential angst.

A standalone novel that kicks off the Zombie Ocean series, continued in Book 2, The Lost. Burning questions will be raised and answered, like:

– How do you survive when the whole world wants to eat you?

– Where does hope come from when you’re the last one alive?

– Where are all the zombies going, and what on Earth do they really want?

Amazon reader reviews:

“A thoroughly enjoyable zombie romp unlike any other piece of zombie lore I’ve come across.” – Dominic McCann

“Loved this! A surprising twist on the zombie novel. – Mike

“Not your typical Zombie apocalypse book! Loved the ending.” – M. Barker

“By far this is the BEST zombie book I have ever read.” – Cherie Unsworth

“I loved it. You never know what is coming next.” – Shelly Newkirk


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