Public Speaking Tips For The TERRIFIED Newcomer

| May 2, 2013


Public Speaking Tips For The TERRIFIED Newcomer

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For those of you who don’t know me, I am an internet marketer, writer, coach and mentor as well as an international public speaker. I have spoken on stage at some of the biggest internet marketing events (including the ‘World Internet Summit) many times and in many different countries around the world and have been successful in continually selling myself and my products from the stage following a ninety minute talk. I’ve also received many, many standing ovations!

Now, I most definitely do not tell you that information to brag in any way. Nope. I tell you that because I can also tell you that at one time I was totally and utterly terrified of speaking in public and pretty much froze with nerves at even the very thought of doing so! Anxiety was my friend for 4 weeks prior to the event, sleepless nights for 7 days prior to the event and dry mouth and pure terror 1 hour prior to the event. Does this sound familiar to you?

Now, you are probably thinking that as I was very successful on my first public speaking event that the fear just disappeared and that what followed was a great career in the public speaking arena?! No sir! Not even close! Despite the euphoria and how great it felt for the ego afterwards, I never wanted to do that again! Never! I didn’t want to have to put myself through it ever again. Strange huh? It wasn’t a negative first experience or anything. Quite the opposite in fact, as it turned out. I still never wanted to have to repeat it. As far as I was concerned, public speaking and me? We just didn’t gel together at all

I didn’t take any speaker training courses but I did have a few light bulb moments when speaking to other public speaker who suffered the same affliction as me.

My tips that follow in this book are what I used and continue to use to dampen down this terrorising anxiety and are in a large part responsible for the fact that I am now considered a ‘world class’ speaker and get invited to speak at many large events around the world. I really want to share them with you and hope these tips help you to overcome the ‘Talking Terrors’!

You can do it!


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