The Edge of Lies, a Short Story (Prequel to the Paradise Valley Mysteries)

| May 2, 2013


The Edge of Lies, a Short Story (Prequel to the Paradise Valley Mysteries)

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As the Prequel to the Paradise Valley Mystery series, The Edge of Lies is a short story that tells the captivating love story of Emily and Evan, the secrets he kept from her, and how they ended up in Paradise Valley. When love is blind, maybe she needs her eyes opened.

The Paradise Valley Mysteries:  The Scent of Lies: Book 1, The Heart of Lies: Book 2, The Chain of Lies: Book 3, The Pursuit of Lies: Book 4  
(Most enjoyable when read in order.)
“A Scent of Lies” – A Paradise Valley Mystery – Book 1, a cozy Murder Mystery and Romance that will keep you guessing until the very end. (think “Sex in the City” meets “Nancy Drew”)

“The Heart of Lies” - A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 2, Second in the series, a sassy small town private eye teams up with a sexy big-city cop to solve a murder mystery. (think “Sex and the City” meets “Nancy Drew”)

“The Chain of Lies” – A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 3, Third in the series, a small town private eye and her sexy police detective boyfriend, along with a few friends, fight to save girls from a sex slave ring and solve a murder mystery. (think “Sex and the City” meets “Nancy Drew”)

“The Pursuit of Lies” – A Paradise Valley Mystery: Book 4,  Fourth in the series, feisty private eye, Emily Parker, launches on a new case as the man she loves is accused of murdering a lovely blonde Assistant District Attorney. The police believe he was having an affair with her and the District Attorney is asking for the death penalty. Struggling against her own doubts, Emily must prove her boyfriend innocent before she loses him to Death Row. (think “Sex and the City” meets “Women’s Murder Club”)
OTHER BOOKS by Debra Burroughs
“Three Days in Seattle“, a delicious blend of sweet Romance and intriguing Suspense  (light Romantic Suspense – think “Castle” meets “Sleepless in Seattle”)
“She Had No Choice”, a Tale of Love and Survival  (poignant Family Saga – think Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas meet “The Color Purple”)

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