Grammar Girl An Internet Success Story

Before I began blogging I was listening to podcasts. One that stood out to me was the Grammar Girl Podcast which answers many of those sticky word usage questions, we all have when speaking and writing English. The brains behind the Grammar Girl Podcast and the Quick And Dirty Tips Network is Mignon Fogarty.

Mignon Fogarty had  a background in writing and editing, mostly in the Bio Science industry. Then she started the Grammar Girl Podcast and is now a full time podcaster and the founder of the Quick And Dirty Tips Network. She also has an audio book. The Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Clean Up Your Writing

Mignon is another Internet success story. To learn more about Mignon you can check out her Facebook page, and if you add Mignon as a friend, you will also have access to the quizes she has developed.

I haven’t written much about social networks, but I actually am a fan of Facebook. The networking and marketing opportunities are amazing, plus Facebook has tons of great add on applications, such as Scrabulous, which is an online Scrabble game. I’m a huge fan of Scrabble and I notice Mignon plays as well. Maybe when I’m feeling really daring I’ll challenge her to a game of Scrablulous. Emma