Whisper Gatherers (The Song of Forgetfulness Book 1)

| August 20, 2015


Whisper Gatherers: Book 1 (Prequel) in The Song of Forgetfulness - Action Adventure Dystopian, Sci-fi series

The first full-length book in the gripping dystopian – The Song of Forgetfulness series – begins.

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I’m Adara. I’ve got six fingers on each hand.

And a secret I cannot share.

Santy knows, so does my bro. He’s a Meek.

A kiddle like the missing ones.

He’s in danger. As are we all.

Hunger sends Carnies and Praisebees to our perimeter.

There is a rustling in the wind.

Lights beyond the boundary fence.

A sign of Agro threat.

A murmur haunts Cityplace.

Something is coming.

NotSoGreatBritAlbion is a land ravaged by famine and disease. Animal life is all but extinct and people are scattered, living in dread of the evil Agros that rule what is left of the human race – except for those who inhabit Cityplace. Here, in this sterile metropolis lives a unique girl with a special power. She is Adara – catcher of birds

Life goes on as normal until Agros cut food supplies and the special children start to go missing. Hunger brings starving outcasts from the Wilderness to the gates of Adara’s quiet world. So begins the fight to save her home and family from a savage and terrifying force.

Does Adara have the courage and strength to use her special powers and find her missing bro?

Or will the Agros join forces with the cannibal Carnies and destroy the peaceful folk of Cityplace, and beyond?


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