Her Promised Road

| August 20, 2015


Her Promised Road: A Novel

Inspired by the chronicles of Golda Meir’s early life, Her Promised Road gives voice to the story of Devorah Abramson, a woman like all others and yet compelled to heights that many could not endure. The year is 1931, and the heroine is sent to the United States on behalf of the Women Worker’s Council in Palestine, to raise funds for Palestine’s pioneer women giving their blood, sweat and tears to the revival of the Jewish National Homeland.

Efrat Israeli guides the reader through the challenges, deliberations and passionate soul searching of a young woman in her early thirties – her natural desire to be loved, an obligation to family, and the urgency of the mission ahead; while questioning if her promised road is worthy of the heavy cost to her personal life… and heart.

American Judaism, in the throes of a boiling revitalization post the massive immigration of the early twentieth century, is the significant backdrop to Devorah Abramson’s climb. With insight, empathy and exuberance the author takes us along Devorah’s missions, embraced in a plot rich with introspection, emotion and some of America’s most fascinating figures of the period.


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