The Barricade Diary

| August 21, 2015


The Barricade Diary

Betrayal is inevitable. The only question is what – or who?

Amid the rubble of war, revolution and counter-revolt, Alexander Merich works to help rebuild his life and the world around him.

He is presented with the professional challenge of a lifetime – to defend a man the nation believes to be either a saint or the devil incarnate. Unknown to the world, he possesses what may be the key to solving his enigmatic client.

Rejecting the case means betraying his core beliefs in justice. Accepting it may mean losing what little remains of his life – his love, his ethics, and his soul.

The Barricade Diary takes you to a world of power and political intrigue, of love and loss, and faded glory, set against the backdrop of late 1940’s Cold War tension – a world where the line between good and evil is difficult to find.

“Cameron has written a fascinating novel…with a complex and interesting story… There are twists and turns that will keep the reader involved and wanting to turn the page. The characters are compelling and the reader will be swept up into their lives.”

– Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards


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