| August 21, 2015



Jake was seven when his father murdered his mother before cutting his own throat.

Ten years later, a genetics project for his biology class threatens to expose this secret. When asked to consider the role of genetics in his family, Jake is forced to contend with his dark past. The possibility that he has inherited his father’s violence haunts him.

With new insight gleaned from the results of his project and with the help of his new girlfriend, Jake realizes that he has the strength to steer his own destiny. However, when he discovers a hidden newspaper article detailing his mother’s murder, his life is turned upside down. Can Jake leave the past in the past, or will he face his nightmare to seek out an answer?

Meanwhile, Jake’s best friend, Adam, is wrestling with a secret that could destroy his attorney father’s reputation. His unscrupulous older brothers, Justin and Charles, are competing in a twisted sexual game and will stop at nothing to win. Will Adam remain loyal to his family or make the right choice when his friend’s girlfriend becomes a blip on Justin’s radar?

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