The Omega Formula: Power to Die For

| August 21, 2015


The Omega Formula: Power to Die For (Detective Frank Dugan ser)

The plans for the most devastating war weapon ever conceived lie hidden somewhere in America. Whoever finds its covert formula could dominate every country on the globe.

Florida Detective Frank Dugan’s grandfather was a Manhattan Project nuclear physicist with a secret; a closely guarded secret, one that could change the future of mankind. Now, from the grave, he challenges his grandson to unravel the cryptic puzzle of The Omega Formula and be responsible for its devastating power.

The Empire of Japan did not surrender because of the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945. Japan knew we only had two A-bombs, and no chance to make more in time to be effective. The war could rage on, costing countless more lives. Enter The Omega Formula, the incredibly powerful, final plan that would guarantee Japan’s unconditional capitulation.

Frank Dugan uncovers the plan when he inherits a house in a Baltimore suburb that once belonged to his late grandfather. Frank has no idea that his exposure of the decades-old project and its frightening propaganda film will lead to murder, espionage and powerful international interest that will have the former Marine battling for his life while he tries to save the world from its awesome, reborn potential, and solve the Omega formula’s intricate riddle. It’s a race to save civilization. A deadly competition where there can be only one winner.


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