Seed Planters: The Unlikely Story of 3 Scarecrows

| May 3, 2013


Seed Planters: The Unlikely Story of 3 Scarecrows

Scarecrows come to life in this charming story with adorable graphics. It begins the morning after a frightening storm the previous evening when the three scarecrows, Biscuit, Puddin’ and Pancake had to endure the wind, hail, and torrential rain. They were just happy to have made it through the night and hoping to dry in the warm morning sun when the old crow appeared.

The crow had been in the cornfield before, but this time they soaking wet and not in the best of moods when they confronted him about taking the food. Today the old crow was in for more than just a yummy breakfast.
He called them a bunch of dummies, and while they had to admit that technically they were dummies, they were smart dummies. There was more to them than just stuffing.
As the story progresses an underlying theme emerges and…
Plus, at the very end of the story are photos of the “real” scarecrows!
Christian short story.

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