My Pet Zombie

| August 22, 2015


My Pet Zombie: The Funny, Fearless Zombie Children's Book for Ages 5-7

BONUS – Free PDF Companion Coloring Book

What’s a zombie? (…from the squeaky young voice to your side) Sweet! The kids want to know about zombies! I love zombies, and now I get to share that love with the kids! Oh… wait… How do I explain zombies to young children without giving them nightmares?

My Pet Zombie: The Funny, Fearless, Zombie Children’s Book for Ages 5-7 is the answer.

There’s no need to fear the walking dead.

My Pet Zombie is a vividly colored, illustrated storybook for gently introducing young children to the concept of zombies without scaring them to death. The My Pet Zombie picture books (books, ebooks, and coloring books) are light-hearted children’s books with a tiny bit of offbeat dark humor…but nothing that would give the little ones nightmares. …perfect for Zombie/Horror fan adults to share with children.

Enjoy the ebook and coloring book right away – My Pet Zombie – Zombies for Kids – Without the Nightmares

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