The Gun Slinger Sheriff

| August 23, 2015


Western: The Gun Slinger Sheriff (Western, Western Books, Western Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Western Books, Wild West, Historical Westerns, Sheriff))

Western: The Gun Slinger Sheriff: Limited Choices

When the town of Wilkins found itself the center of lawlessness, no one wanted to take on the role of sheriff. With outlaws threatening the townsfolk, the last sheriff had been killed in cold blood and there seemed little hope of life every getting back to any kind of normality, the threat overhanging the town as if inherent to its location. Land was running short and the townsfolk were having difficulty coming to terms with the losses being sustained.

Annie and her mother, Margaret Carter, are forced to run their homestead on their own after outlaws killed husband and father, Matt Carter. The future looks bleak but against all odds, will this town be able to pull together? Only time will tell. Follow the story of settlers in the Wild West, trying to eke out a living from their newfound pastures. Follow the story of this family’s struggle to bring their town to a time of peace.

Western Fiction: The Gun Slinger Sheriff: Love Comes Later

As Annie is busy in her task as Sheriff of the town of Wilkins, Ben wants her to become his bride. However, Annie knows, following the death of her mother, that she has unfinished business. The man who killed her father is still out there. After a surprise incident in the local supply store, can Annie recover from what happens?

Readers can follow the story of Annie. Will she choose to marry Ben or will life continue to get in the way. In the Wild West, anything can happen and he may find he has to wait longer than he wants to. In the meantime, Annie has help and has arranged for her father’s homestead to continue in memory of her parents. This episode of the story takes Annie to a place from which there may not be no return. Follow our heroine as she goes in search of the killer.


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