Abraham Lincoln: A Biography of the Exciting Achievemnets of one of the Greatest US Presidents And An Example of Leadership

| August 23, 2015


Abraham Lincoln: A Biography of the Exciting Achievemnets of one of the Greatest US Presidents; An Example of Leadership

Abraham Lincoln: A Biography of the Exciting Achievements of one of the Greatest US Presidents; an Example of Leadership- Third Edition

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Abraham Lincoln is often considered one of the greatest presidents that the United States has produced. A study of his personal history reveals how incredibly unlikely it was for him to be elevated to such a high office.

Abe Lincoln came from obscurity and abject poverty, followed by repeated failures and frustrations, to become an incredibly resilient and wise leader for the United States during a pivotal period in national survival. The key points of this meteoric rise are outlined in this book. You will be encouraged and challenged by his story. It can even give you great hope, both personally and for our country.

In Abraham Lincoln, you will learn about these tragic circumstances in his life:

  • Losing his mother at the age of nine
  • Receiving only a meager 18 months of formal education
  • Earning a living by common labor and odd jobs
  • Failure in various political elections and business endeavors

Lincoln’s successes came slowly, but included:

  • Election to four terms in Illinois legislature
  • Election to the U.S. House of Representatives for one term
  • Successive legal victories
  • Reputation growth in the Whig Party as an opponent of slavery
  • Appearing before the Illinois Supreme Court 175 times
  • Growing popularity within the newly formed Republican Party
  • Effective debates against Stephen Douglas
  • Nomination by the Republican Party and election as President.

Lincoln’s Presidency was distinguished by:

  • Strong leadership in time of crisis
  • Selection of political rivals to serve in his cabinet
  • Assertive extension of executive power
  • Effective conduct of the Civil War
  • Reasonable Reconstruction policies that were later abandoned by others.

Lincoln was a model of strong leadership from which many of us could learn. This brief overview of his life is an important contribution to understanding his impact on his times and on history.

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