One Minute Super Dad: 99 One Minute Magic Moments you can easily create to raise Amazing Children (One Minute Magics) Reviews

| May 4, 2013


One Minute Super Dad: 99 One Minute Magic Moments you can easily create to raise Amazing Children (One Minute Magics)

Hi busy dad! Have you like many of us felt helpless due to lack of time and wondered how to be a good father despite that. A busy doctor who was in a similar spot 5 years ago has written this ground breaking book which helps us use the few minutes we have to drop down accuracy and effectiveness. Dr Jindal took 5 years to write this book and the contributors for the book include New York Times best sellers Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Sharon Lechter (Co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad), Raymond Aaron (co-author- Chicken soup for parents soul).

Use a minute a day to connect and bond with your kids and future proof them from things that can affect them later in life. The book is a one hour read which will best one hour you spend as a father.

Many experts are calling this unique little book the simplest and yet most powerful fathering tool available anywhere. In just one minute — and there are 99 of them — Dads can have a huge impact on their children.

Think a minute doesn’t count? Think again. Minutes can mold kids.
And Caring Moms? — The power of what Dads say to their kids is often vastly underestimated . Get this book for your husband. It will make a huge difference for both of you making you feel more confident about your kids’ future. Connect with your kids in minutes of time that you have a day and enjoy the fulfillment and joy of watching them soar.

Others explain it this way…
Rave Reviews from Renowned Experts and Leaders

“The mother will read books on parenting and when the husband doesn’t do it the way she does it, they fight.”
Dr John Gray | Author | Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

“If every parent can read this book, the world will be a different place.”
James Michael Lafferty | Former CEO | Procter and Gamble

“I am deeply moved by this book.”
Raymond Aaron| Author | Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul

“Follow the advice in this book, and your kids will remember the special moments with their superhero dad for the rest of their lives.”
Stephanie Hale | Author | Millionaire Women, Millionaire You

“Every Dad owes it to their child to buy this breakthrough work.”
Craig Richards | Senior Mentor | The Anthony Robbins company

In the first decade of the lives of our kids, the subconscious software, which will run a lifetime, is being written on their tender souls. If it is good software, it will drive them to achieve great things. Small mistakes will leave bugs in their systems and cause future challenges. By the time a child is ten, his entire personality has already been formed.

Some scary statistics (Covered in book ind detail):

• 90% of alcohol consumed by underage drinkers is consumed while binge drinking. Drug abuse in the USA is 25% in 12th graders. Each day in the USA alone, 3276 new young people light their first cigarette.

• In a study in Scotland, over 30% of kids look up to gang leaders as their role models.

• The rate of obesity in the USA in six to eleven-year-olds is 19.6%, and for under-fives. In the UK, 25% of boys and 33% of girls aged between two and nineteen years are overweight or obese.

• 90% of Type-2 diabetes cases are individuals who are considered obese. 8% of the western population has diabetes.

• 75% of parents fail to recognize that their kids are overweight.

• 70% of kids in the USA have low levels of vitamin D.

• 46% of high school students have had sexual intercourse.

• 25% of parents are single. Kids of single parents are three times more likely to need psychological help.

• 3-5 % of school-age children have ADHD and the treatment is based on drugs that alter dopamine, despite that behavioral therapy is highly effective.

• 10.5% of children’s hospital admissions are due to mental health problems.

Isn’t it time we act and change our kids’ mindsets? We can hugely reduce the chances of our kids going through these things in a minute!


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