The Knight of Her Dreams (Dragons and Dreamphasers)

| May 4, 2013


The Knight of Her Dreams (Dragons and Dreamphasers)

What if the love you believed in… turned out to be an illusion?
What if you met someone in your dreams… who turned out to be real?

When her ex-boyfriend leaves her, Julianna Sherborne thinks it coincidence when she starts dreaming of an engaging man who is everything her unfaithful ex was not. Yet when her dream man begins appearing night after night, she wonders if there’s more to it than a lonely imagination.

The mysteriously charming Dominick Westbrooke claims to be a dreamphaser, traveling to her from a distant world of magic hidden by mists on the other side of the sun. Replacing her sadness with an atmosphere of romance, he surprises her each night by magically creating a realm where they meet on rainbows, a spaceship, and a dream castle by the ocean… and fall in love.

The only thing Dominick’s magic can’t do is unite them in reality.

Even the course of dream love doesn’t run smoothly. Complications arise when the apologetic ex-boyfriend returns, Dominick’s mischievous brother intervenes, and his grandfather presses him to marry a determined woman of his own world. Dominick must seek the dragon sorcerer Lendric who may possess the only means to reach Earth and the woman he loves. Unless his longtime adversary Dual–who blames him for his fiancée’s death–can find a way to keep them apart.

Can the love of their dreams find a way to become reality?

The Knight of Her Dreams
Dragons and Dreamphasers Book One


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