| August 25, 2015


Within: A Medical Suspense Novel

“Ben Scott Craig has crafted a thought-provoking and suspenseful novel with engaging characters. Readers will be intrigued by the unique and innovative ideas the book explores and invested in the fates of the main players. Moving and compelling, WITHIN is an impressive debut by a talented writer.”−ForeWord Clarion Reviews

WITHIN is the story of Andy Stone, his terminally-ill mother, a secretive doctor with a breakthrough cancer treatment, and a drug company that will stop at nothing to suppress it.

Andy’s mother was given conventional medicine in the past – cut, cut, radiation, chemotherapy, chemotherapy. A nurse herself, she grew skeptical of conventional hospitals with cookie-cutter treatments and the one-shot-fits-all solutions of drug companies.

After a terminal cancer diagnosis, she flees her local hospital for the treatment of the enigmatic Doctor Lydia Bailey. She utilizes a mysterious injection. It works as a kill switch that sends the tumor into a rapid, yet temporary remission. She then administers a unique, comprehensive – and unable to be patented – recovery plan that shows great promise, despite its murky legality.

Not everyone is ready to embrace the groundbreaking doctor, however. Medina Pharmaceuticals, a leading cancer drug maker, learns of the secretive treatment. The head of Medina becomes determined to stop it from coming to light, at any cost.

Andy Stone soon becomes wrapped up in an increasingly dangerous quest to bring a hopeful new cure to those who need it.

A hopeful new cure his mother desperately needs.

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