Miss Nobody (Shaw Family Saga, Book 1)

| May 4, 2013


Miss Nobody (Shaw Family Saga, Book 1)

A gripping story that parallels a disconnected mother-daughter relationship. When teenage flighty mother, Charlene, runs away, she embodies every young woman’s dreams of going to Hollywood. Only her rugged road to stardom is laced with family dysfunction, deception, and lies. Most importantly, Charlene’s reason to leave North Carolina is due to a fear that shakes her very core…her daughter, Raven.
Meanwhile, Raven grows up in her mom’s tight-knit hometown as a Christian and can even be dubbed “Miss Goodie Two Shoes.” But nothing can calm her rage when hearing gossip about her momshe takes up for a woman she doesn’t even know. Overcoming teen depression, she finds love. But she can’t be fully committed to the man that has her heart until she learns why she’s been neglected.
When mother’s and daughter’s path collide, Raven asks two requeststwo family secrets that can ruin both of their lives. Leading mother and child on the road of feeling like a “Miss Nobody.”

African American Fiction, family saga, drama, family relationships

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