Fun & Easy Organic Dog Food: Quick Recipes for the Busy Dog Lover

| August 28, 2015


Fun & Easy Organic Dog Food: Quick Recipes for the Busy Dog Lover

Best-selling author and dog lover Dennis Parker has outdone himself in this pet lover’s recipe book!

What’s Inside?

To some, he’s nothing more than just another animal on this planet. To you, he’s your biggest cheerleader, your loyal heart, and your best friend (who just so happens to have four legs!).

We are firm believers that pets are one of the seven wonders in life; there is such a special relationship between a dog and his owner- that love just can’t be duplicated. That being said; what’s so special about store-bought, dry food for your fury friend every single day? Your dog deserves the extra mile when it comes to homemade dog food!

We hope in this book that we can give you all of the facts that you need to know about homemade dog food: the benefits for your pup, the key ingredients and what makes homemade dog food so special for your dog. We hope you learn new and exciting facts about the health and nutrition of our favorite dogs and are able to apply this newfound knowledge in extraordinary ways to further blossom your relationship with your dog.

This guide is made FOR dog lovers, BY dog lovers and we can’t wait to see what you uncover!

We’ve already told you a little bit about why we’ve created this book for you, so now, let’s talk about what exactly this guide contains!

First, we’re going to start off by telling you exactly why it is that owners choose to make homemade dog food for their pets by exploring some of the benefits. Once we’ve explained the necessity and encouraged you to start making your own food for your pet, it’s time to break down the actual process of making homemade dog food.

We’re going to spot out all of the key ingredients that you should look for when it comes to making your own dog food and we are going to tell you why they are spectacular for your dog! Then, it’s onto the fun part where we share some of our FAVORITE recipes for homemade dog food!

Each and every one of our recipes has been tested out on pets of our own and the reviews are raving! (4 paws up!)

Once we’ve shared with you our favorite recipes that are going to have your pups jumping for joy- we’re going to give you a quick little “Do’s and Don’ts” of homemade dog food that you can use for reference whenever you need it! We’re going to finish our guide with a little FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where hopefully we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have by the end of this guide. Then, it’s onto the conclusion and then you’re on your own!

This guide is a plethora of information that we’ll show you in a fun and informative way- you’ll be dying to get started on making your own food by the end of this!

Now that we’ve told you what’s going to happen- what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!!

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