Ginger the Buddha Cat (Ginger the Cat Book 2)

| August 30, 2015


Ginger the Buddha Cat (Ginger the Cat Book 2)

Ginger is back, and facing a tough decision. Sausages or enlightenment?

“Wise and worldly, yet wonderfully sweet and silly. Lovely.”

“Great fun, touching and laugh out loud funny. Will appeal to both children and adults alike.”

“Deliciously rebellious and very, very funny, yet amongst the entertainment is a powerful message and an easy-going introduction to Buddhist philosophy.”

Book description:

Ginger is about to relive the first of his nine lifetimes upon this earth – as a fat greedy god-cat in ancient India. With the help of his little pal Sparky, the cutest cat in the universe, he must curb his appetites and bring home the top sausage known to Man – without eating it.

If he succeeds, he will win the heart of Madame Frou-Frou, the foxiest kitty on the block. He will also prove himself worthy of becoming the Buddha’s cat. If he fails, no good cat will ever go to Heaven.

Can Ginger overcome his attachment to sausages? Can he really be bothered to save feline-kind? After 2000 years and nine horribly mis-spent lives, it doesn’t seem likely…

Note: ‘Ginger’ is aimed at age 6 to 9 children, the parents who enjoy reading to them, and cat-lovers everywhere.


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