Foraging: Your Beginner’s Guide and Definitive Handbook To Foraging Wild Edible Plants and Herbs

| September 4, 2015


Foraging: Your Beginner's Guide and Definitive Handbook To Foraging Wild Edible Plants and Herbs

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The Ultimate Definitive Guide to Foraging Edible Plants and Herbs

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Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of hobbyists and enthusiasts that take great pride in the satisfying recreational past time that is FORAGING!??!

There are thousands of species of edible fruits, plants, mushrooms and seeds that are plump for the taking. All you need is a little help to get started and you can join these hobbyists in on the fun, gathering and eating these amazing wild plants.

Have no fear, PICTURES INCLUDED in this awesome ebook to help you understand and identify the differences between different plants. This is the best and only way that you should learn the hobby of foraging. The great thing about foraging is that you don’t even need to be in a forest, you can find some amazing edible plants and mushrooms in your backyard or the city. Once you have a basic knowledge of foraging, you can provide for yourself and your family in any situation and emergency.

What you will learn

    • Basic, Intermediate, and expert knowledge of Foraging and Need to Know rules you must follow

    • Detailed explanation and documentation on Edible weeds along with extra pictures
    • Detailed explanation and documentation on Edible Flowers along with extra pictures
    • Huge list of 100% edible documentation on edible mushrooms
    • Huge List of Edible Shrubs and ornamental plants
    • Much, Much, More

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