A Natural Born Witch

| September 6, 2015


A Natural Born Witch: The Natural Born Chronicles - Witch

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Sam Ray is seventeen, sassy, a unique sense of style, and she’s a Witch…with a capital ‘W’.

Sam’s mother left when she was just a kid and as a daugther of a Navy officer, was brought up in Guam by Nana Tottot, a healer or Suruhana as the Guam natives called her. Nana was a woman of power and recognized the same in Sam.

After Nana’s unexplained death, Sam pushed her father to move to Salem, purchasing the run down Bookshop of Horror, the perfect setting for Sam to come into her powers as a Suruhana in peace and quiet.

But nothing ever works out as planned and her quiet life is ruined when Sam is woken at 3am one morning to find a girl slashed open and dead outside her bookshop door – strange tic-tac-toe gouged across the wood, reminding her of what she’d found near Nana’s dead body.

After the body is taken away, the local police detective can’t seem to get past Sam’s Goth style and the fact she’s an outsider. He tells her not to ‘leave town’ until the murderer is caught.

Sam is being thrust into a life she had try to run from, had the evil in Guam followed her to Salem?


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