Recipes For Gourmet Food Gifts: Edible Handmade Gifts From Your Kitchen

| May 5, 2013


Recipes For Gourmet Food Gifts: Edible Handmade Gifts From Your Kitchen

Whether you are an experienced or beginner cook, Recipes for Gourmet Food Gifts is the ideal guide for great food gift ideas, recipes, and step-by-step directions to help you give the perfect and most original gift to your loved ones! Gourmet homemade food gifts are guaranteed to be unique, thoughtful, and frugal. You’ll also have a great story to tell when you give your gift!

• Give a jar of Home Cured Olives as a gift for fathers who have everything and really don’t need another pair of socks.
• A jar of Homemade Bitters fits the bill for making the perfect cocktail to celebrate a promotion.
• Sweet and Hot Homemade Mustard is perfect when you need a hostess gift for Christmas.
• Give a pound of Home Roasted Coffee Beans for your coffee-loving friend’s birthday.
• Homemade Chocolate Truffles recipe is great for mothers or sweethearts with a sweet tooth.
• Zesty Marinated Goat Cheese adds zest to any housewarming or holiday party.

Recipes for Gourmet Food Gifts has 15 recipes, each of which include: lead time (from 20-minute Perfect Vinaigrette to 2 months for Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract), hands-on preparation time, materials and ingredients needed, and clear step-by-step instructions.

What makes this book especially useful is the convenience of its extensive links for top recommended sources of the harder to find ingredients. Never heard of “wild cherry bark”? Don’t worry, that’s what the links are there for! Just a few clicks and you’ll have everything you need. This way you can spend your time on the fun part: making the gifts. There are also links for attractive packaging (read: cute jars, boxes, gift tags, and labels) to finish your handmade gift with style.

This book your perfect next step to becoming a renowned gourmet gift giver!


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