Cringe-Evil One: A Suspense Thriller Short Story Collection

| September 6, 2015


Cringe-Evil One: A Suspense Thriller Short Story Collection

Evil One

An unnerving collection of suspense-thriller short stories. In Book Two-Evil One, the nightmare continues with three tales to spook and thrill you. You get…

You’ll Never Be Alone

The family has moved into another new place. The company that her father works for has moved them. Again. Kelli is fed up with it. She’s been moved around so much that she’s never been able to have a real friend of her own. When she finds a leftover doll in their new place, she keeps it close, hoping a real friend will come along. Then she meets the girl from up the street, the perfect playmate…until the doll gets jealous.

Claw Dean

Alexandra moved onto a farm with her new husband. This is where they’re going to make their life together. Start a family. Be happy. But a rooster by the name of Claw Dean has other ideas. When the animals start dying, Alexandra’s life starts to unravel until nothing is left.

All Of Them Were Girls

Brandon is having a typical day. Which means nothing is going right. School. Family. Friends. None of it. When his friend suggests they explore the abandoned house up the street together, it seems like the perfect distraction. What it turns into is the perfect nightmare.

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