Soul Exchange

| September 6, 2015


Soul Exchange

A fast paced action packed romp to find the source of human society.

Beth was bored with her mundane existence – until one day she discovered the truth. That she was part of something important, had abilities that were hidden until now, and was about to save the world. It’s all due to the power of the soul, the amazing energy that resides within us all, which neither religion nor science truly understands. Soul energy has more uses than you think, but there is a price to pay…

After the death of her aunt; a surprise discovery and an explosion propels Beth into a globe trotting mystery to discover her birthright. Ultimately she finds herself in Southern Iraq – ancient Mesopotamia; the home of the first civilisation to develop the written word. She must access a knowledge protected for millennia. A knowledge that will explain how the human race developed. But she is being chased, a brutal yet charismatic lunatic is also trying to access the knowledge, and bend it to his will.

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