The Ranchers: A Modern Family’s Inspiring Odyssey

| September 8, 2015


The Ranchers: A Modern Family's Inspiring Odyssey


Jerry Johnston is a widower and a modern day cattle rancher in Montana. When his wife died at a young age, he felt responsible and it ended his relationship with God and severely damaged relations with his three children. Embittered for many years thereafter, he gives no quarter and accepts none.

He wants his children to stay and help on the family ranch but they go off to Chicago and Washington D.C. and Iraq and California to get away. Can anything bring them home?

Then, Jerry meets a woman who changes his life in ways he wouldn’t have thought possible. How will he handle love the second time around? How will his children react?

This is a story of loss and redemption, of hate and love, of the American way, that is wonderfully written with rich characters.

Set in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, The Ranchers will not just entertain you, it will deeply satisfy you and give you new understanding about life, love and God.


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