Darkness Rising (Chateau Seductions)

| September 8, 2015


Darkness Rising (Gargoyle Shifter / Vampire Story): (Chateau Seductions 0.5

Antoine Chevalier harbors a secret.

Born a gargoyle shifter in Paris, he wants nothing more than to cultivate his art. His hard work pays off the night he completes his greatest sculpture. But the excitement of his accomplishment doesn’t last.

He’s drawn the eye of the wrong group—a coven of vampires. Antoine wakes into darkness, changed. Shattered. His dream of becoming a renowned sculptor is destroyed.

One question remains—how will he ever survive an eternity of darkness alone?

Darkness Rising is part 0.5 of the Chateau Seductions series by USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Carlisle.

Readers have requested more on the dark and mysterious Antoine. In this short story, Antoine tells his tale, which continues in the series with Dark Velvet. Dark Velvet is written from Savannah’s perspective as a newcomer to an art colony, intrigued by the proprietor.

*5 Star Review* of Darkness Rising from Books and Beyond Fifty Shades

“I loved the struggle for Antoine after he first was turned into a Vampire/Gargoyle hybrid. He could have turned and became a monster, yet, he was able to keep as much of his humanity as he could. That is what makes him so loveable throughout this series.”

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