The Nightmare Begins Tomorrow

| September 9, 2015


The Nightmare Begins Tomorrow

The Nightmare Begins Tomorrow

It was a time of war but they found peace

They say when you lived during the war it really lives with you forever even when it’s all over”�.

It was a time of war but they found peace. Living in a small village near the city, Mia lived happily with her Uncle Ben and friend Zain. But as life may seem normal for them, the reason how they all came together haunted them.

War turned them that way: living in some sort of illusion that all is well although they were gripped with the waiting of when war will eventually return in their lives. With the help of a family friend, Uncle Ben, Mia grew up away from all the memories of her forgotten past. How her parents died was a big blur except the knowledge that it was because of war. As Zain entered their lives, everything seemed happier. However, his past and how he came across with war made Mia worried as they grew closer.

Zain was a young mechanic who grew up with the memory of how his brother died, unlike Mia who forgot how death visited her parents. He never really spoke about it not even how he felt. It was this part of him that made Mia worry. The part not being able to release the past and be haunted by it the rest of his life.

At the turn of the war, the life they have grown to love will be shattered once more by the chaos they tried to forget and move on from. Mia, even with her forgotten memories of how war orphaned her, once again had to face it and the possibility of being orphaned with a love one.

Will they be able to escape the war and its grip on their lives? Or will they need to face the nightmare in every tomorrow?


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