Kidpreneur – Young Entrepreneurs: A practical guide to develop your child’s entrepreneurial skills into a successful career & future lifestyle

| September 10, 2015


Parenting: Kidpreneur - Young Entrepreneurs: A practical guide to develop your child's entrepreneurial skills into a successful career & future lifestyle

Does your child emanate a passion for creativity, design or innovation? Do they show an interest in business and leaving their own positive impact on society?

Our children are the architects, designers and entrepreneurs of the future. Their imaginations spark the inspiration that could solve many of our current technological and social problems. It is never too early to start thinking about the future, but there must be a definitive starting point to begin with.

What can this book do for me?

‘Kidpreneur – Young Entrepreneurs’ is your practical guide to develop the skills and talents that your child possesses. It is these skills that can be built upon and expanded, leading them down an open path to success in both their personal and working lives. An entrepreneurial mind has the capacity to solve problems, communicate soundly, work with others and create without boundaries. It is a mind-set that would benefit any individual, let alone a future business person. By understanding where entrepreneurial skills can lead your child, you can be the best possible support system and aid your young entrepreneur towards a vibrant and self-made future.

What can this book do for my child’s future?

This book provides an all-round guide to the world of young entrepreneurs. From the success stories of other bright and young minds, to the inspiration behind their business movements. To the skills and opportunities that an entrepreneurial mind can gift your child with. This book covers a number of proven techniques, methods and strategies that will allow you to encourage and fuel the creative and innovative mind of your child – giving them the best possible start and advantage that they could ask for. This isn’t about dictating your child’s future. It’s about opening up the door to a new world and exploring it with them. It’s about presenting a new universe of opportunity and a new way of creating a future.

Why entrepreneurship?

With the current state of our economy and the uncertainty of the job market, it is vital now more than ever that our children become self-sufficient and self-branded. An entrepreneur is exactly that. Why should your child fight through education purely for the hope of landing a particular job? Why shouldn’t they follow the hobbies and interests that are closest to their hearts and make a living pursuing their true passions? By developing business and entrepreneurial skills from a young age, your child will grow up to be a full rounded individual, capable of overcoming the academic and creative challenges that life throw at them. Whether they go on to enjoy an existing career or whether they define their own futures – it starts here, with this book and with your guidance.

Open the doors to a brighter future for your child

So many young people wish that they had been given the chance to express their artistic and creative talents. Wishing that their parents could have given them a shot at something unconventional and daring. So many of us adults desire the same thing. Innovation is the future and it is a future that your child can be a master of. So go on, open the doors to opportunity, open the doors to a brighter future for your child and open to doors to entrepreneurship.

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  1. Creating and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in today’s youth can only be of benefit to them individually and society as a whole in the future. With the power of the internet nowadays age is a less limiting factor than it used to be and people of all ages can learn and profit from the internet.