Matt and Janie: Historical Romance Short Stories Backstory (The Four Lords’ Saga Book 5)

| September 12, 2015


Matt and Janie: Historical Romance Short Stories Backstory (The Four Lords' Saga Book 5)

Regency England: How did Matt and Janie become such good friends? And why did Janie develop a tendre for her brother’s friend who was ten years older than she?

Matthew Edmund Fremont (Lord Windmere) and Lady Jane Anne Thornton are to wed in Book 2 of The Four Lords’ Saga Series. These two have been friends since they were children, and Matt and Janie’s brother, Robbie, roamed both families’ estates.

Read the heartwarming backstory of Janie and Matt’s romance and discover how Matt became her knight in shining armor as well as her ‘Greek god.’

“I’m so excited about Gianna Thomas’ ‘Four Lords’ Saga’ Regency Romance! And her original characters are amazing.” ~Kay Springsteen

THE FOUR LORDS’ SAGA – A Regency Romance Series

Four young lords live for wine, women, and song and little responsibility. Although not as dissipated as most rakes, the reputations of these four friends are not the best, and their lifestyles are not something to be proud of. But then an incident occurs that impacts the lives of all four men. They will make changes, but exactly what kind of changes will each consider?

Lord Windmere – Book 1 – The story revolves around a house party where two old friends meet again. However, the house party is anything but pleasant. Will the reconciliation of their friendship be a happy or a tragic one?

Lord Weirlane – Book 2 – The setting also involves a house party but one of a different type than Book 1. Learn why this gathering does end in tragedy.

Lord Foxdown – Book 3 – What happens when one falls in love, but the family objects, especially his friend who is the brother of his beloved?

Lord Brookton – Book 4 – Saving a fair maiden can have serious consequences when she has a right hook like Gentleman Jim Jackson.


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