The Art of Living: Teachings for Spiritual Evolution and Life Fulfilment

| September 12, 2015


The Art of Living: Teachings for Spiritual Evolution and Life Fulfilment (spiritual guidance, spiritual inspiration, spiritual self help, personal growth and development, spiritual enlightenment)

Awaken Your True Divinity and Discover Your Purpose

Channelled Teachings To Help You Live A Meaningful Life

It was 2011. My life was a disastrous wreck, and I hated it. I felt trapped in a job that consistently broke my spirit. I was surrounded by people who took advantage of my good nature. Purpose no longer existed to me. Life had broken my heart and my faith. I felt I was enduring meaningless existence.

Lost and alone, I called out to my spirit guides, and with pen in hand, awaited their unlikely reply. I figured that although the lack of response would be hard hitting, at least I could bring my head down out of the clouds, recognize that there’s nothing there, suck it up and get on with enduring a monotonous life like everyone else.

‘To my spirit guides and angels of the light. I have questions I need answered. I’m taking a chance by writing to you because if no one writes back, it might start adding to the fear that maybe nobody is there. Is anyone listening?’

‘We are.’

I relentlessly doubted and questioned the guides that replied. I was afraid to believe, but conversing with them provided answers that had never occurred to me before. They shifted my entire perspective of life – catalyzing a spiritual awakening and awareness that transformed my entire being, and gave life deeper meaning than I had ever dreamed possible. Once they had shifted my focus, I was amazed that it was ever possible for me to have been blind to it at all.

You see, the problem was that I was so disgruntled and disatisfied with life. I was angry at God. Sure, I believed that there was something up there, but it never showed up for me when I needed it. I’d tried positive thinking, and affirmations and manifesting, but nothing changed for me because I didn’t have simple straightforward guide to living. I was so blinded to the potential for my life to change because of outdated belief systems. I had grown up believing that life was a struggle and I had to work hard to get anywhere. I felt painfully obligated to people please and give everything away. No one ever seemed to appreciate it. I couldn’t say ‘no’ and I didn’t ever think that my dreams could come true. It all seemed like such an uphill battle that I just gave up.

It took time for me to get the hang of these lessons. Fortunately for you, the guides created the real life circumstances in which I had to live and learn them, so that you can learn from my personal experience without having to hit the bottom of the barrel like I did. I feel like I’ve been liberated. I know the truth now. For the first time in my life I am taking leaps of faith as my heart is guiding me. It is exhilarating, and to my amazement, it is guiding me to my true purpose and life path. The teachings the guides shared with me shattered all of the illusions that were holding me back from truly being free and living a fulfilling, joyful and passionate existence. You are here for a reason. Do not allow the confines of your mind to limit your true potential. The purpose of life is joy and passion, and it is your birthright. Claim it now.

The Art of Living will teach you:

    • The laws of the universe and how to harness their power
    • How to manifest your dreams with the law of attraction
    • How to balance giving and receiving without feeling guilty
    • The true definition of kindness
    • How to be authentic in your interactions, and why it’s ok to be truthful
    • Freedom from work
    • How to let go of relationships that do not serve you and why
    • How to release old outdated belief paradigms of unnecessary struggle, sacrifice and suffering
    • How to live without feeling manipulated and controlled
    • The true identity of the guides and why they kept their identity a secret

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