How Much Do You Weigh?: The Stigma Defying Photobook

| May 6, 2013


How Much Do You Weigh?: The Stigma Defying Photobook

A book. With pictures. Of women just like you. And in plain sight for all to see, the number that their scales read that morning. No apologies. No hedging. Letting it be what it is and opening up the secret for you, stigma be damned.

Surprise and serendipity await.

“Next time I go out with my friends, I’m bringing this book. I know it will spark some great conversation. And maybe we’ll be brave enough to tell each other the number that has too much control over our lives. The stigma lifts one person at a time.” –

“The effect of ‘How Much Do You Weigh?’ in addition to confronting the taboo against publicly announcing/broadcasting the particulars of one’s weight, is that it recalibrates our ideas of what certain numbers on the scale are supposed to look like. If 180 pounds sounds “fat” in theory, it doesn’t necessarily look it in reality, which makes the whole enterprise of weight measurement — and, by extension, BMI — rather meaningless. –Anna Holmes, The Washington Post

“Nieto has created a vital project tackling a thorny issue.” –The Opinioness of the

“Erin Nieto’s project, ‘How Much Do You Weigh?’… puts the body front-and-center, challenging us re-think what numbers mean. She counterposes photographs of volunteers with the number on the scale. These women model a refusal to be embarrassed by their weight and show us the imprecision of the number itself.” –Lisa Wade, Sociological Images


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