Classroom 911 Preschool Special Needs: Practical Classroom Strategies for New Teachers in the First Few Weeks

| September 13, 2015


Classroom 911 Preschool Special Needs: Practical Classroom Strategies for New Teachers in the First Few Weeks

Step by step guide provides immediate strategies for setting up an early childhood special needs classroom for new teachers.

“Don’t shortchange your kids in terms of academic skills. All children can learn, given the right circumstances” .

A first reference book for teaching special needs children and solutions for classroom schedules, Circle Time activities, behavior management, parent communication methods, music and movement, language skills development, iPad apps.

Truly, a first manual for the new teacher.

Are you teaching preschool special needs children? What, where, and how do you start? Not only do you have the responsibility of teaching young children, which means combing through records for important medical information and goals for each child, but you also have to set up the classroom, communicate with parents, teach language through play, facilitate Circle Time, maintain a calm classroom, and so much more. This book provides systematic strategies for handling all of these challenging tasks.

There are numerous solutions and tips—contained in this book—which will help you with the day-to-day classroom experience run smoothly.

Do you wish you knew…

• What to do before the first day of teaching?

• How to organize the day?

• What to do during Circle Time?

• How to integrate movement?

• How to teach language skills through play?

• How to provide a calm environment?

Then this book is for you! It’s really more of a “manual,” because it provides a simple framework for setting up and running your classroom. It will reduce the understandable anxieties you might have about starting up your own classroom for the first time.

Don’t be afraid to be unconventional—think outside the box when you’re teaching. In a mild to moderate classroom the abilities of the children can vary widely.

Why did you get into teaching? It was probably not in order to worry about setting up and managing a classroom. The tips in this manual will help you become the teacher you want to be, without dwelling on the stress of setting up your classroom. This book lets you focus on what you actually want to do—TEACH!

If you are a parent of a special needs child, you will learn tips about how to elicit communication with your child through play, learn simple behavior strategies that work, and learn about possible other issues that might be affecting your child.



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