The Woods (The Nimbus 3 Book 1)

| September 13, 2015


The Woods: A Novel (The Nimbus 3 Book 1)

Every day James Callum sees a monster staring back at him from his father’s backyard. For a 12 year-old city boy, the intense openness of the Ohio countryside can be intimidating. Staying at his father’s new house in the middle of nowhere for the summer, his world begins to unravel when no one believes that he’s seeing a monster in the woods. As he inches closer to the truth of what has been watching him from the edge of the woods, the risk to his life and everyone he loves grows.

With the help of his friends Jack and Owen, he does everything he never thought he would to discover the truth. Life, loyalty, and friendship are all on the chopping block in the terrifying adventure of one young boy. A new beginning for James brings him to an unbelievable ending that will one day change the entire world.

Get the first novel in an awe-inspiring trilogy from one of the world’s most imaginative upcoming storytellers.

Book 1 of The Nimbus 3 Trilogy.


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