Bound Before The Morrow

| September 13, 2015


Bound Before The Morrow

“A page turning novel that explores the source of happiness”

The Blurb:Escaping the unbearable memories of his past, Guy Bismarck has buried himself in office work. A twist of fate shakes up his world. Layers of delusion and placation crack, ending his long dormancy. Fame, wealth, love, and beauty, of a greatness and vastness that Guy could never even have imagined, blossom. Will this lead to the happiness that has long eluded Guy, or will the reality he had long hidden from come back to haunt him, putrefying his world and burying him — literally?

Bound Before the Morrow is a psychological novel that will lead you on an adventure. Its chapters are action packed, its style will please literary critics, lovers of suspense, and those looking for a more realistic modern romance.

If you have ever suffered from anger hid from the past and wandered what would happen if all your wishes came true, than this book is for you.

Rave Reviews: “David J. Ring III debuts with a page turning novel that explores the source of happiness. Bound Before the Morrow follows Guy Bismarck’s unexpected journey from dull mediocrity to the granting of his greatest wishes. Guy is given all the apparent makings of infinite happiness yet finds himself locked in a downward spiral that could destroy himself and the woman he loves. With beautiful detail and vibrant characters, Ring spins a cautionary tale about how easily we can lose sight of what is important. The tight narrative is filled with questions that will keep you guessing and emotional tension that will grip you until the very last page.”


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