Mandy and Binky The Unforgettable Adventure

| September 14, 2015


Mandy and Binky | The Unforgettable Adventure: A Fantasy, Exiting Adventure and Horror Short Stories For Children

A Short Stories for Children, An Adventure and Fantasy of 2 sisters, Mandy and Binky

A collection of interesting short stories by Aiexan Brett.

Mandy and Binky loved to enjoy pillow fight but this is not what their mum would tolerate. She got this crazy idea of letting her children go else where just to have a life for her self.

Mandy an Binky takes that as a blessing, unfortunately they stumbled into a fantasy of a series of adventures, unknown to them.

This is not just any short adventure story for you to get your children tide up to their Kindle devices but an extraordinary experience one could have if you are in a state of escapism, far away from your reality.

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