Infinity Key (Senyaza Series Book 2)

| September 15, 2015


Infinity Key (Senyaza Series Book 2)

When her friends are pulled into the supernatural underworld, Branwyn isn’t about to sit on the sidelines. Unfortunately, Branwyn is decidedly mortal, and in the supernatural underworld, humans are weak and helpless, no better than toys, tools and prey. But she isn’t having any of that. Branwyn wants to face the world on her own terms, mortal or not.

By striking a bargain with an imprisoned faerie, Branwyn thinks she’s found the solution. He’ll teach her magic and she’ll use that magic on his behalf. It’s a great deal, until she discovers what the faeries really want from her. All she has to do is use her magic to open their prison door. It could save her friends–and release the faeries on the world again.
But faerie bargains always have a hidden price. They were locked away for a reason and Branwyn’s quest might cost her everything before she reaches the end…

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