Colorado Dreams (Majestic Mountain Ranch Romance Series, Book 1)

| September 16, 2015


Colorado Dreams (Majestic Mountain Ranch Romance Series, Book 1)

Introducing the first of a six-part western romance series about six siblings who work together to turn their family cattle ranch into a dude ranch that is located deep in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. They each choose a job that they are interested in, and along the way, they each find love and romance.

Sierra has been a widow for two years. She has been busy raising her twin daughters on the family ranch when her father is killed.

As their family attorney reads her father’s will, she learns that each member will receive a large inheritance, but there is a catch. All six of them must reside on the ranch for a period of six months, together, in order to receive it.

Logan, also a widower, has been hired to help with the horses and he brings along his own little family.

Can Sierra and Logan learn to create a new family of their own and find love for each other along the way?

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