Love In The Australian Outback (Love In: Book 1)

| September 17, 2015


Romantic Suspense:: Love In The Australian Outback (Romance, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense: 'Love In' Series Book 1)

Who Knew Australia Is Full Of Things More Deadly Than Snakes?

Trish Jackman’s eighteen year-old daughter Meg travels to Sydney Australia to stay with her father for the summer. When Trish’s job promotion is given to a friend of the owner’s son despite her twenty year dedication to the company, then her ex-husband in Australia is murdered and her daughter disappears Trish takes the law into her own hands. Despite a crippling fear of flying she rushes down under to rescue Meg. But is stymied by a miserable cop, Baz, who may or may not be working in her and Meg’s best interests. Together this unlikely couple begins to unravel a mystery while romance blossoms between them and complicates their investigation. As Trish unearths more evidence, Baz becomes more distant. With growing distrust Trish must choose between Baz and her daughter. She struggles alone to find Meg and unwittingly places herself in mortal danger. Never knowing who she can trust.


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