The Captain’s Daughter

| September 18, 2015


The Captain's Daughter

It is 1793, and the Reign of Terror rages in France. Rich and poor, good and bad, innocent and guilty, go to their death on the guillotine in an endless stream of victims. The lucky few are able to escape to England, but there are others that come to England also, and they are bent on murder. In rural England, young Amy Sibbridge is far removed from the horrors of the world as she lives quietly with her father, mother, and younger sisters, Emma and Mattie. Then one day her calm is shattered and she is plunged into a troubling quest to find out her real identity when an old seaman delivers a strange satchel with her name engraved on it. Inside is a locket with a picture of a baby, an old yellowed newspaper from twenty years before, and most troubling of all, an unfinished letter with a warning of imminent danger. Then handsome and charming Sir Benjamin Anstruther suddenly turns up living on the adjacent estate. He seems friendly and helpful, but there are mysterious goings-on at his house, and he has strange visitors day and night. Amy comes to fear that he might not be as innocent as he appears. As she searches to find out who she really is, her peace turns to fear because someone is trying to kill her, and she doesn’t know who or why. Join Amy in her urgent and dangerous quest to uncover the secret of the Captain’s Daughter.


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