StoryMasters: Advanced Notions in Novel Writing

| September 19, 2015


StoryMasters: Advanced Notions in Novel Writing

Novice to Seasoned Storytellers—Hone Your Skills!

What lies beneath a well-crafted story?

Author’s creativity, meticulous plotting, linking subplots, deep point of view, interactive setting, vivid imagery, carefully drawn characters, and insightful, yet invisible subtext–that’s what lies beneath any well-drawn story.

In this, the eighth edition of Novel Writing Made Simple retitled as StoryMasters, you’ll discover these important concerns, while delving deeply into your stories as well as your own writer-self to release what needs said—the things that cause readers’ emotional adventures to roil and burn in their chests, as the images your words conjure dance and throe in their minds.

    • Deep point of view, psychic distance and reader empathy


  • Ramping up narrative modes and free indirect discourse



  • Story tenses, shifts and framing



  • Imagery, description and interactive setting—“Dot the Dragon’s Eye”



  • Dynamic dialogue, internalization and subtext



  • Power plotting, backstory, storylines, plots and catalytic subplots—“The Protagonist’s Journey”



  • Three-dimensional characterization, Yen and Yang, sympathetic characters—The Flawed Protagonist



  • Explosive action and realism creation



  • Setup instructions for your own StoryBinder



  • Self-editing tips, word choices, clarity and syntax



  • Distractions, attractions and reactions



  • Publishing industry overview, querying editors and agents



  • Self-publishing and the “indie” author



  • 500+ word lexicon and dozens of useful resources



Gordon A Kessler is a thriller writer and Master Instructor living in the Kansas City Metro area with over 25-years novel-writing and teaching experience. Learn more about Gordon and his work at:


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