Scaredy Cats: Cute Animal Books for Kids

| May 7, 2013


Scaredy Cats: Cute Animal Books for Kids

“Just right for reading to young children and showing to even younger children.”

Animal books for kids are always a hit, especially when they feature such cute cat pictures as these.
These cats are playing nicely until a little dog arrives on the scene and they all have to hide… one in the silliest place you could imagine! Who will face up to the big snarling beast with the pointy teeth and jumping nits? It might not be the cat you’d imagine.
Childrens animal books should make your kids fall in love with the characters, and Scaredy Cats, with its simple rhyming story and irresistible pictures, is no exception.
If you’re looking for cat books for children, you’ll love Scaredy Cats… one of the best animal books for kids, and one they’ll want to read again and again.


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