Railroad Tales: A collection of enchanting short stories

| September 19, 2015


Short Stories #1: Railroad Tales-A collection of enchanting short stories

Welcome to the first edition of Railroad Tales!!

Railroad Tales is a collection of enchanting short stories that is sure to keep you entertained and leave you wanting more. If you are about to set forth on a long and tiresome train journey or if you are going to be stuck in tuition or summer class for hours together, then this is the perfect book to rid yourself of the boredom and help you while away time entertainingly!!

Railroad Tales has a tailored collection of short stories from genres that are gripping and would leave you sitting on the edge of your seat.

This issue contains:

Mystery in Mrithika’s Murder

Travel along with the charmingly handsome Ali in Mystery in Mrithika’s Murder and get to know how he solves the mysterious murder case.

Seeking Hanukka

Seeking Hanukka is an adventurous treasure hunt story of five people who seek the mysterious and elusive treasure of Hanukka.

Astral Ankith

Ankith is an ordinary young boy who wanted to play cricket. But the most bizarre things happen to him on a sunny summer holiday. Find out about his supernatural adventures in Astral Ankith.

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