The Magical Globe Adventures: In An Aquarium No 2

| September 19, 2015


In An Aquarium: The Magical Globe Adventures - No 2 in the series of kid's illustrated, read to me, bedtime stories

This is the second book in the “Magical Globe Adventure” series of illustrated bedtime stories for young children, written by Elliot Gight.

In this episode, brother and sister, Coen and Calleigh have another escapade together after visiting their grandfather’s old bookshop and accidentally touching his Magical Globe.

This bedtime reading for children adventure takes them to an aquarium where they find they have the ability to breathe under water and can talk to the fishes and other sea creatures that live in the aquarium.

The children are fascinated by everything they see in the aquarium and have numerous strange and wonderful adventures. Eventually they are attacked by a shark and manage to escape through an underwater cave and get safely back to their grandfathers bookshop – great bedtime reading for kids.

The Magical Globe Adventure books are a series of kid’s early readers picture books where Coen and Calleigh find themselves in intriguing and unexpected situations before (always) finding a way of getting safely back to their grandfather.

The author of the series is Elliot Gight – an acclaimed writer of children’s bedtime books – who describes her writing style as being one of letting her “imaginative eccentricities” run riot and then converting the results into children’s read to me stories.

We hope you enjoy this, the second episode in the Magical Globe Adventure series of children’s read to me books.


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