Spirit and Revelations: the complete edition (Books 1-2)

| September 20, 2015


Spirit and Revelations: the complete edition (Books 1-2)

SPIRIT and the follow-up title REVELATIONS are combined into one edition for convenient, back-to-back reading!

SPIRIT — “I won this book thru a Goodreads contest and couldn’t put it down for anything.” [Amazon Reviewer]

In SPIRIT, a woman seeks freedom from the boundaries of her small town and overbearing mother. Yet, as the prospect of independence looms near, she discovers leaving the only life she has known may not prove easy, particularly when love is one of the ties to be severed. SUMMARY: At sixteen, Ellie saw things other people could not. By eighteen, she saw things as they really were. And yet, it would take years before Ellie could see that a Spirit, if willing, could never truly be broken.

With senior year in high school underway, all Ellie Duncan can think of is the day she will finally break free from the confines of her small Colorado town and overbearing mother. When she meets a mysterious new boy and uncovers secrets of a local Indian legend, however, Ellie soon realizes her life and the people around her are not as they appear and events of the past may push her toward a future she never wanted.

REVELATIONS — In this follow-up to SPIRIT, Ellie and Reese have settled into a life of simple pleasures surrounding home, work, community, and family. But contentment quickly turns to concern once troubling mysteries about their young daughter and tribal ancestry come to the surface and demand attention. SUMMARY: Ten years may have passed, but her innate ability to interact with the spiritual world continues to haunt Ellie Duncan Noble. Determined to overcome the pervasive hold it has over her life, she makes the difficult decision to suppress any and all contact, even if doing so keeps her from someone she loves.

Yet when her daughter begins to exhibit disturbing mystical powers of her own, Ellie is forced to face her private fears and acknowledge the truth about herself and her family. Her path toward personal acceptance quickly turns into one of investigation, however, as she unwittingly delves into the baffling history of her Native American heritage along the way.

With the help of her husband, his dead mother, and an unwelcome visitor from her past, Ellie learns to confront the reality that some things are not only beyond her control but full of hidden, undeniable purpose.


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